08 August 2010

For Comedy, Please See

Okay, I'm moving the comedy blogging to a for-real website - https://comedygroupie.squarespace.com/ (Pretty soon, you'll be able to get there just by going to comedygroupie.com, but apparently it takes up to 5 days to register a domain name).  Not sure what that means for this blog, but I do have a history of leaving many an abandoned blog in my wake so that seems like the likely outcome here.

Thanks for all your support!

30 July 2010

Naughty 13: Lucky Me

Finally got to see Sam Tripoli's Infamous Naughty Show at the Holywood Improv last night.  I think last night finally sealed my opinion on the Improv, but I'll save that for another post.

The show was full of pole dancing, porn stars, very funny folks and very special guests.  Sam opened the show with some of his best stuff.  I'm pretty sure I'll never get sick of "Crimes of Awesomeness" and "High hoof, high hoof".  That was followed by incredible acrobatic feats on the pole by Annemarie Davis.  By that time, everyone finally had their drinks at the table and the show was off and running.

Surprise special guest Margaret Cho killed, as did everyone's favorite stoner Doug Benson.  I especially liked his bit about how women are lying when they say they are looking for a good sense of humor, but we say that "because it wouldn't be polite to say 'I like cocks and money.'"  For a second great surprise, Jefrey Ross dropped by and did some of his Hasslehoff roast material.

Poor See Hang tried to give it to volunteer Zoe as per porn acting coach Roger Star's (Eddie Pepitone) instructions - "Be like the banks, like the oil companies, like Lehman Brothers"  But Ron Jeremy came out, banished him back to toiling in tech support obscurity, and showed the audience just how it should be done.

Speaking of tech support, the AV system was completely screwed last night.  We were able to catch a couple of the prepared videos, but it just completely died in the middle of the very promising Strippers Guide to Fighting Terror starring Taylor Vixen (Sam promised it'll be online soon).

And there was more!  Bunny Fever, Shawarma the Ass Eating Persian, Kagney Linn Karter, Soma Snakeoil, the Silver Schlong award... oh and we learned the fun fact that in his younger days, Sam was a towel boy at Crunch. ha ha!

It was great, sort of like an old-fashioned variety show, if it took place in Sodom & Gomorrah.

26 July 2010

Names Night!

names marquee

Last night, in conjunction with Mitzi Shore's 80th birthday, the Comedy Store held it's first Names Night in over 8 years.  It was incredible.  New and old Names came by, many with family and friends, did a set in the Original Room and then came to the party in the Main Room and recorded a message of gratitude and reminiscence for Mitzi & The Comedy Store Archives.

20 July 2010

Behind The Names: Jeff Scott

One of the names that will be painted on the wall during the Names Night at The Comedy Store this Sunday is that of Jeff Scott, the piano player for over 15 years.  Jeff not only plays the comics on and off the stage, often providing witty remarks along the way, but he is what Mitzi calls her "Social Butterfly" going around the club all night, talking to each of the comedians, the staff and those of us who just hang out, like the big brother glue holding the place together.

He's also a walking repository of the history of the Comedy Store, going all the way back before it was Ciro's.  During the very first conversation I had with Jeff, he pointed to the wall between the Main Room and the Original Room and told me that when this was Ciro's, there was no wall, just one enormous show room where the likes of Frank Sinatra and Lana Turner would enjoy dinner, dancing and entertainment.  Since then, I've been privy to such gems as :